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  • Do-It-For-Me OYEOK

    Grow My Closing Brokerage 5x* per month


    Rs 5k

    one-time upgrade

    OYEOK Associate


    Rs 1L++ *

    per assignment fee

    OYEOK Marketing


  • OYEOK 52 Playing Cards - Create Your Own Mini Brochure

    Create PRICE DISCOVERY Cards for Your Customers- Circulated for Lead Generation

    Type1: Detailed 13 'New Projects'

    In a Given Locality

    Quantity : 1000

    Delivery : 3 Weeks

    Quality: 290gsm


    13 New Projects are covered for a given locality

    (4 cards for details of 1 Project)


    @3 Rs/Card

    i.e 165 Rs /Deck


    ArtWork & Designing Rs 25,000/-

    Type2: Overview 52 'New Projects'

    In 4 Localities

    Quantity: 5000

    Delivery : 4 Weeks

    Quality: 290gsm


    52 New Projects are covered for 4 localities (1 Card overview of 1 Project)



    @1 Rs/Card

    i.e 55 Rs/Deck


    ArtWork & Designing Rs 25,000/-

    Type3:52 Rental  Buildings

    In a Given Locality

    Quantity: 5000

    Delivery : 4 Weeks

    Quality: 290gsm


    52 Secondary market buildings for 1 locality (1 Card for Overview of 1 Rental Building)



    @1 Rs/Card

    i.e 55 Rs/Deck


    ArtWork & Designing Rs 50,000/-

    Type4: Activity for a 'Developer'

    For Single Project

    Quantity: 5000

    Delivery : 4 Weeks

    Quality: 290gsm


    13 configurations for a given project (4 Cards Overview for 1 configuration )



    @1 Rs/Card

    i.e 55 Rs/Deck


    ArtWork & Designing Rs 25,000/-

  • 1 Complete Website for

    (email signature, cards & forms) in Rs 5000/-

    • Website on visiting card & email signature                            (build your brand and domain name)
    • Market on Whatsapp your Listings from Website         (mobile responsive, increase SEO Score)
    • Update your future listings via whatsapp                                    (get one time latest 10 Listings updated for free)
    • Generate FREE Leads from your Website                          ("contact us" & "support chat" CTAs) 

  • Advanced Website

    (new Projects, listings & blog articles)

    - Rs 75,000/-

    Lead Generation through Your Own Website

    5 Builder Projects in 3 Months

    Use Google Adwords to Generate Paid Leads

    Get 5 dedicated project landing pages created




    Generate paid traffic via Adwords especially during builder launches to leverage online traffic. This builds huge lead flow, don't depend on anyone


    *Does not include advertising budget

    10 listings/wk = 120 in 3 Months

    Update listings via WhatsApp/Email

    Msg. us your listings via WhatsApp/Email


    3 Benefits

    • Creating new listings improves google  rankings 
    • Share listings on WhatsApp using own mobile website 
    • Popularising own domain is long term branding strategy

    1 Blog Article/wk = 12 in 3 Months

    Sharing blogs brings new loyal customers

    Blog is content strategy for direct lead generation


    Sharing Content


    • Project comparison
    • Real Estate News
    • New Infrastructure
    • Insider Circle News
    • Problems in Project
    • Hidden Issues
    • Interviews


  • OYEOK Partnership

    Day to Day Process

    Focus on Sales Sales Sales !!!

    sign up

    Step1: Take a Paid Trial

    Plz. Pay Rs 5,000/-

    Fill Contact Details

    We will call you

    1. Tell us region of Operation 
    2. We take your Listings
    3. As Promised 7 customers site visits in next 1 week

    Lets begin our partnership!

    elisting property

    Step2: Share your Listings

    Once you share your flat details, OyeOk matches your details with clients and arrange site visits for you! No more inventory management! No more postings

    client meet

    Step3: Meet Clients on Site Visits

    We guarantee site visits! and best part is it matches to your flats and apartments! Be it 2BHK / 3BHK on rent or office on sale, we are here to close deals!

    sign contract

    Step4: Close Deals & Make Money!

    Run behind Customers for Payments

    Take charge of the client and freeze deals. We give you matching clients Leave all the rest to us!


    We want to make our broker team rich!

  • Benefits!

    There are so many !

    save money

    Save Costs

    No more excels

    No additional costs for your apartment lists, listings & inventory management!


    Let your team be a sales team! Our team does it for free!


    Become one man armies!

    save time

    Save Time

    Say no to postings

    Don't waste time posting online on portals or whats app groups!


    We filter leads for you, schedule and convert to site visits!


    Limited Brokers per pincode only!

    make earn money

    Make Revenue

    Say yes to revenue

    Leave all payment collection, off hand paperwork, stamp duty and registration on us!


    By focussing on client interactions only, we guaranteed increased revenue.

    get famous popular fame

    Get Recognized

    Claim to fame

    With RERA around the corner, it is time to get recognized by the broking community with your efforts.


    We require your participation in creating a face to the property and real estate industry

  • 4-Stage-Lead-Filteration-Process

    "Filtered Leads" SAVES "Time"

    HOT DIRECT PARTY = Customer Ready for a Site Visit


    Expression of Intent

    'Intent for Transaction'


    Intention to Deal


    (i) Why Dealing?

    (ii) Transaction Type

    (ii) Possession Date


    Indicates customer

    is a


    and Contact Details 

    are available


    start nurturing 



    Location of Interest

    'Region of Interest'


    Budget & Region


    (i)Why 'this' Location?

    (ii)Budget-Location Fit?

    (iii)Competing Regions


    Indicates customer

    is a


    and will look





    Clarity of


    'Specifications of Deal'


    Clarity of Specifics


    (i)Personal Preferences

    (ii)Building Names

    (iii)Dealing Handicaps


    Indicates customer


    "Well Nurtured"

    & "Willing to Engage" Properties


    Serious Urgency

    'Schedule Site Visit'


    Site Visit Ready


    (i)Appointment Slots

    (ii)Asks for Photos

    (iii)Rejects Buildings


    Indicates customer



    and aggressive in

    near term"

    , which makes


    "Low Hanging"


  • happy satisfied

    7 Verified Leads - Site Visit(s) Rs 5000/-

    • Direct Party: Owner/Requirement
    • "Verified" means Party is serious about transaction or same day site visit 
    • In your region of operation
    • Get free matches of other brokers (side by side only)

  • Portals v/s OyeOk!

    A Simple Comparison

  • Call me, let's close deals!

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